Become your company’s own Amazon expert

Use proven processes | Access the Amazon Helpline | Stay current

Do you struggle with managing your company’s Amazon channel?

Are you not getting the revenue growth you need?

Is your company overly reliant on outside providers?


Are you confused with what to do next?

Does Amazon support make your brain hurt?

Do you wish you could just ‘phone a friend’ for help with Amazon?

Do you struggle to keep up with all of Amazon’s changes?

At the Marketplace Institute, we believe that all brands deserve to be able to master the Amazon channel using their internal team. 

What the Marketplace Institute is

Knowledge Base

Documented processes & best-practices, news digests, office hours.

Access the same toolkit as leading Amazon agency, Bobsled Marketing.

Amazon Helpline

On-demand, real-time help from actual Amazon experts.

Pay only for what you use each month.


Connect with 5 other peers from similar companies (but not direct competitors) on bi-weekly calls.

Share and learn best practices in your industry.


Amazon processes across Amazon operations, marketing, and advertising - all updated weekly


Brands served by our parent company, across every Amazon category


Amazon experts on call every week, with specialties in Amazon advertising, marketing or operations

What makes the Marketplace Institute different?

We know how frustrating it is to find the answers you need from Amazon directly. After all, the agency behind the Marketplace Institute, Bobsled Marketing, has been serving consumer brands on Amazon for the past 4 years. Bobsled has managed hundreds of brands on Amazon, and the Marketplace Institute uses the same processes, tools, and people that make our agency clients successful.

We also understand that many brands, regardless of their size or sophistication in other areas, want to reduce their reliance on outside agencies and consultants. These are brands (or even other agencies) who want to invest in their team, build their Amazon capability internally, and save money while doing so.



Follow our documented processes, checklists and best practices.

Learn from your peers about what is working in their business.

Schedule calls with our Amazon experts to solve tricky situations.

Master your company's Amazon channel from the inside out.

Have a question? Check our FAQs or Talk to a rep.

What our clients say about us.

We worked with Bobsled to launch our Amazon Vendor Central account in Canada. Lauren was an awesome project manager and the whole team of experts were very knowledgeable and easy to work with. We plan to work with them for our .COM launch soon. They provided a helpful off-boarding packet to help our team take over day-to-day management.


Lauren Archibald

Hippie Snacks

Kiri Masters conducted the Sydney workshop with professionalism and aplomb - all delivered in her friendly, approachable and relaxed style.

Kiri's knowledge and expertise about Amazon demonstrate that Bobsled are the go-to team for those wishing to get that extra help to get the best from their Amazon endeavors.


Ross Connors


Great experience working with the team at Bobsled. They invested the time and energy to make sure we had the right strategy to achieve our goals.

The account team was responsive to our needs and took the time to listen to our input, so they helped us get better as a team.



Marc Ladin