We're sharing a sneak preview of the new content, Amazon news and our discussion topics from last week.

A quick update on last week:


New & Updated Content in the Knowledge Base

New articles added this week:

    • Understanding the Buy Box on Amazon: According to some research, 82% of Amazon sales go through the Buy Box, so understandably, all sellers want to own it. Owning the buy box is crucial for your sales velocity and as sellers, you need to ensure you own it as often as possible.


Office Hours

The topics covered in this week’s Office Hours were: 

    1. How much importance should I place on tracking my BSR? (demo of using Keepa)
      • Discussion around the Best Seller Rank, its importance, how it affects the sales and the best tools for monitoring.
    2. As product supply increases and demand decreases for certain products, how can I get my best value for SPA's campaigns without having a high ACOS ,  Is their a reasonable average for ACOS for a sustained listed product?
      • We talked about how to calculate your profitability and determine the reasonable ACOS, finding a balance and how to structure your campaigns.
    3. How do you perform keyword research, harvesting and what to use in the copy versus what to use in backend (with demo)
      • We mentioned good tools and sources to use and best practices for keyword research and harvesting, and strategies for selecting the keywords that make it to product page and which to place in the backend.
    4. Watch the replay here.


Weekly Digest

This week's Weekly Digest includes the analysis of:

    1. Freeze on editing product details & merging ASINs until December 4th [SC & VC]
    2. Seven new Amazon advertising features
    3. Amazon responds to U.S. Congress antitrust inquiry
    4. New Beta program: Brand Story
    5. New beta Advertising feature: play video in Sponsored Brand Ads
    6. Walmart’s PPC ad platform matures in 2020
    7. Two interesting additions to the Brand Health dashboard [SC only]
    8. Other news in short


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