We're sharing a sneak preview of the new content, Amazon news and our discussion topics from last week.

A quick update on last week:


New & Updated Content in the Knowledge Base

New articles added this week:

  • Amazon Seller Central: Inventory Projections and Forecasting: Forecasting in Seller Central is crucial because sellers can avoid the Long Term Storage Fees if overstocked, and more importantly, avoid lost sales if understocked. Our process includes a template calculator to make the forecasting process as easy as possible for our members. 


Updated Content this week:

  • Single use claim code generation on Seller Central: Single use claim codes are the actual codes that will be sent to the customers to send them a discount.  (either when we offer them a discount or to make up for the damaged, lost item etc).
  • Seller Central Claim Codes and Combinability: Depending on how you create your promotions and claim code rules, buyers can combine your available promotions to receive higher discounts. When allowing multiple claim codes on the same items, be careful, because unintended deductions can occur.


Office Hours

The topics covered in this week’s Office Hours were: 

  • Number of keywords per ad group, number of ad groups and impressions with no clicks
    • In this week’s edition of the Office Hours, we discussed the limit on the number of keywords and ad groups and what happens if you get impressions but no clicks. Are you essentially getting free advertising?
  • Watch the replay here


Weekly Digest

This week's Weekly Digest includes the analysis of:

  • Why Amazon is now blocking FedEx Ground for Prime shipments
  • Amazon rolls out free returns on more items
  • Some toys sold on Amazon don't meet U.S. safety standards
  • Get major marketing perks by adding Amazon Pay to your ecomm site


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