We're sharing a sneak preview of the new content, Amazon news and our discussion topics from last week.

A quick update on last week:


New & Updated Content in the Knowledge Base

New articles added this week:

  • Amazon Live: Videos are a great tool to demonstrate your products and to connect with your shoppers. And demonstrate your products and their use in real time. Amazon live provides sellers with an opportunity to be discovered and seen by thousands of potential customers. This process revolves around best practices for Amazon live streaming. 
  • Amazon Training: Calculating Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for Amazon: CLV is metric that shows the total revenue a business can reasonably expect one customer to generate over the course of the business relationship. Getting this data on Amazon is nearly impossible, but the Marketplace Institute has found a way. CLV Calculator for Amazon customers is included in the article. 


Office Hours

The topic covered in this week’s Office Hours were:

  • Calculating Customer Lifetime Value for Amazon Customers
    • In this week’s edition of the Office Hours, we talked about a method to calculate Customer Lifetime Value on Amazon and it served as an inspiration to create a new edition to the Knowledge Base.
  • Watch the replay here


Weekly Digest

This week's Weekly Digest includes the analysis of:

  • Cyber-5 recap
  • 25% Amazon seller growth in EU market
  • Amazon Prime Shipping delays
  • Walmart tops Amazon as most-downloaded US shopping app on Black Friday
  • Vine reviews for sellers starts rolling out [SC]
  • Subscribe & save promo [SC]
  • New placement: “Bargain Finds”
  • New placement: Add an Accessory
  • Other news in brief


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