We're sharing a sneak preview of the new content, Amazon news and our discussion topics from last week.

A quick update on last week:

New & Updated Content in the Knowledge Base

New articles added this week:

  • Amazon Seller Central: Orders & Shipments: Fulfilled by Merchant Guidance: This process explains the entire FBM process, including SFP; from the moment the buyer makes a purchasing decision, to the moment the seller confirms the shipment. The process outlines both the Seller and Amazon’s roles and responsibilities. Follow this guide to make sure all merchant fulfilled orders are processed and delivered to customers and to keep the account health metrics in good standing. 


Updated articles added this week:

  • All About Amazon Attribution: The Amazon Attribution program beta is a web-based, self-service, advertising measurement solution that provides advertisers the ability to analyze performance across different media platforms off Amazon. The Amazon Attribution program’s conversion metrics allow advertisers to get a view into how different marketing tactics contribute to shopping activity on Amazon. Listen to our podcast and watch our Office Hours replay on this topic. 


Office Hours

The topics covered in this week’s Office Hours were: 

  • How much to spend on Amazon PPC, various approaches to budget setting, growth vs profitability strategy, etc
    • This week's Office Hours were hosted by Bobsled’s Advertising Director: Stefan Jordev.  With so many formulas and approaches available for calculating optimal PPC spend on Amazon, it’s no wonder this topic has been discussed and debated for so long. Every advertising  professional seems to have his or her preferred method. So which approach really is best? Watch our Office Hours Replay to hear what is Stefan’s take on it.
  • Watch the replay here


Weekly Digest

This week's Weekly Digest includes the following news:

  • The top takeaways from NRF’s Big Show
  • Amazon pledges $1BN to help Indian businesses get online
  • Amazon Will Reportedly Work With Law Enforcement For Ongoing Counterfeit Issues
  • Amazon expands to Netherlands later this year
  • Inexpensive, unbranded apparel is dominating on Amazon Fashion
  • Other News In Short

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