We’ve had an exciting last week with all the changes and updates to our membership plans and new features.

In summary: 2 plans to choose from - Full Access and Professional

New Features for Full Access Members:

    • Private member-only Slack community.
    • Complimentary 20-minute Amazon Helpline call.
    • Masterclasses - we’re taking submissions for our first Masterclass in December

A quick update on last week:


New & Updated Content in the Knowledge Base

New articles added this week:

    • Sponsored Display Advertising: Sponsored Display Ads are type of ads displayed on and off Amazon. This article is an overview of Sponsored Display Ads and a step-by-step process on how to create these ads in Seller and Vendor Central.
    • Suppressed listings: A suppressed listing means that the listing is incomplete and/or is not compliant with Amazon’s standards. They don’t appear in the Amazon’s search results, customers cannot find them and make a purchase. This article covers common reasons for suppressed listings and a step-by-step process how to fix these.


Updated Content:

Amazon started temporarily suspending post purchase email sequences. With the holiday season around the corner, you don’t want this to happen. Find out why PPESs are suspended and how to fix them in our updated articles:


Office Hours

The topics covered in this week’s Office Hours were: 

    • Advanced Buy-Box eligibility
      The importance of the buy box, the factors that influence the ownership of the buy box, and what sellers can do to ensure buy box ownership.
    • How do brands manage pricing on various e-commerce platforms to prevent price war? Should brands produce variations for the same product so the online and offline channels do not compete with each other?
      Strategies around how to avoid price wars with competitors and internally if you’re selling on multiple marketplaces.
    • What is the best price range that makes FBA feasible without losing too much profit margin? Any rules of thumb?
      Introducing the Bobsled Fee Calculator to do a line item analysis. You can instantly see the fees, after you enter product category, fulfillment method, and dimensions, your profit and adjust the price accordingly.
    • Watch the replay here 



Weekly Digest

This week's Weekly Digest includes the analysis of:

    • Walmart as the challenger marketplace: what kind of success brands are seeing there, and what are the success factors
    • Amazon Adjusts Image Count on PDPs
    • Which major beauty brand grew their sales on Amazon by 40% last quarter?
    • Amazon unveils Small Business Academy
    • “Instagram for Amazon” Amazon Posts - what they are and how to use them
    • Indicators of growth in Australia and UK markets
    • (Generally) positive changes to A-Z claim process
    • New advertising benchmarks: QOQ Growth of Amazon Sponsored Products / Sponsored Brands spend and associated sales; average increase in ROI for these ad types


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