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FAQs about the Amazon Helpline

There are two ways to benefit from The Marketplace Institute: our Full Access Member plan is for employees of branded manufacturers who are fairly new to Amazon. You’re drinking from the firehose, trying to learn all you can and get fast results for your company. You need some hand-holding and assurance that you’re doing things the right way. Members in this plan get access to our extensive Knowledge Base, a free call each month to the Amazon Helpline (plus extra on-demand calls), specialized training, and access to a member-only Slack channel.  

Our ‘Professional’ subscriber plan’ is built more for expert-level Amazon professionals, both those from branded manufacturers and service providers that support them. These subscribers get access to our industry-leading weekly news digests & analysis, and weekly “office hours” conference calls. 

Very! This is a major reason why we created the Marketplace Institute - there are hardly any resources out there for Vendors.  Employees of companies on Vendor Central often felt alone in their challenges, with less interaction with Amazon, a diminishing number of Vendors overall, and the Amazon ecosystem increasingly cateringing to Sellers.  The Marketplace Institute has extensive processes and guides for Vendors in the Knowledgebase, Vendor Central experts on call at the Helpline, and other Vendors in the member-only Slack channel. If you wished for a place to “find your people” - the Marketplace institute is that place!

1. Develop your skills and business quickly. By joining the Marketplace Institute, you’ll develop skills that are critical for the growth and expansion of your Amazon channel. All of our resources are designed to give you a quick answer without costly guesswork and lengthy troubleshooting. 

2. Invest in your people. As your Amazon sales channel grows, so will the need for training and developing a team of talented, skillful specialists. With The Marketplace Institute, you’ll be arming your team with best practices and access to real experts. 

3. Access a braintrust. One way to accelerate the success of your business is by connecting with the right people and resources - people who’ve experienced firsthand the same challenges that you might be going through. But its very hard to build a large network of peers from scratch. The Marketplace Institute gives you immediate access to smart, knowledgeable, and helpful peers and experts.

Yes! Please email so we can help find a plan that suits your company.

No. If you’re looking for done-for-you Amazon channel management, check out the services offered by our parent company, Bobsled Marketing

We know how frustrating it is to find the answers you need from Amazon directly. After all, the agency behind the Marketplace Institute, Bobsled Marketing, has been serving and managing hundreds of consumer brands on Amazon for the past 4 years. 

There is currently no other service on the market that provides sellers and vendors with direct, up to date and specialised guidance, support and solutions for their Amazon businesses. The Marketplace Institute saves you time and money trying to troubleshoot problems we’ve already mastered. The Knowledge Base Processes and Best Practices are written according to “been there, done that” philosophy and we’ve had years to test them. The Marketplace Institute uses the same processes, tools, and people that make our agency clients successful.

Aside from the extensive library of content in the Knowledge Base, the real knowledge lies in the power of collective intelligence. When great minds meet and work towards an objective or vision, that’s where the magic happens. Office Hours provide a forum for general, higher-level topics where you can also see what other questions and challenges are top-of-mind for your peers. And our Slack Channel gives you a platform to share your successes, challenges and questions amongst peers and our community managers who can guide you to the right tools in our Knowledge Base.

Although we hope you stay forever, you can cancel at any time from within the membership portal or by emailing us - Cancellation will be effective before your next billing date.

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