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About the Amazon Helpline


What is the Amazon Helpline?

Each Full Access Member gets one complimentary 20-minute call to the Helpline each month. These calls are with subject-matter-experts who can answer your hairiest, most painful questions about Amazon, helping you move forward to a solution. 

Beyond the monthly complimentary call, additional calls are billed at $25 for a 10-minute call, and $50 for a 20-minute call. 


Who will be answering my calls?

We have 13 experienced Amazon experts from Bobsled Marketing taking calls. These folks include Project Managers, Amazon Advertising Managers, and Vendor/ Seller Central Operations Specialists. You can read their bios here.


Do I get to choose the type of expert I speak with?

Yes, for each session you’ll be able to choose an expert based on their area of expertise: Amazon marketing & strategy, Advertising/PPC, and Tactical Operations & Brand Protection for either Seller Central or Vendor Central.  


How much research and follow-up will be provided outside of the call? 

In short, very little. When you schedule a call, you are prompted to describe your issue or question concisely. We may provide limited follow-up after the call, like sending a link to material referenced during the call. Keep in mind that the reason we are able to keep the cost of this service so low is that no initial research is done before the call, and little to no follow-up is done after the call.  


How far in advance can calls be scheduled?

Depending on availability, calls may be scheduled as little as 1 hour  before the meeting. Each of the 4 specialty areas have at least 12 hours of availability each week. Calls must be cancelled 12 hours in advance.


What are the operating hours of the Amazon Helpline?

Calls can be scheduled from 8AM US Eastern Time (12PM UTC) to 5PM US Eastern Time (9PM UTC).

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What People Say About Us

We got into Amazon around 5 years ago and are on both VC and SC.

Our challenge on Amazon is always trying not to get surprised by any Amazon action.

Since we do not have a Vendor Manager, the Marketplace Institute is a great platform for us to find our answers and ask questions.

Andrea Chen

Co-Founder of Best Pet Supplies

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