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About the Knowledge Base


What is the Knowledge Base? 

The Knowledge Base gives you access to over 100 Amazon documented processes and best practices (with at least 5 added every month!) spanning Amazon marketing, advertising, operations, and brand protection. Most of these processes, for both Vendors and Sellers, are updated every week. 

You can search for content and browse by topic. By voting ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ on topics, we know what’s working well and which topics we need to flesh out. And you can always suggest topics for us to cover in more detail. Our goal is to be so helpful that you continue as a member for a long time! 


So exactly what kind of content is included in the Knowledge Base?

While the content in our Knowledge Base changes all the time (“at the speed of Amazon” as we say), here is some sample content: 

FBA Fees Audit Template, Process for running a Refunds & Reimbursement Reconciliation Report Seller Central Daily Account Review Process, Process for posting Public Responses to Negative Review as a Manufacturer/Seller, Vendor Central Frustration Free Packaging Process, AMS Advertising: Step by Step Process, Sponsored Product Ads: Everything you need to know,  SEO Crash Course, How To Draft A Post-Purchase Email Sequence (SC), Amazon Post Purchase Email Templates. 


How often do you release new content?

Most existing Knowledge Base content (processes, checklists etc) reviewed and updated every week by a subject matter expert. On top of that, we publish up to 5 pieces of new content each month. 

News Digests are published on a weekly basis. These are perfect for getting a download of the week’s Amazon news and how it relates to your industry. 

Every week we also  facilitate Office Hours sessions where you can submit  Amazon-related questions that we’ll answer for all members who attend the call. Replays are available to current members.

Full Access Members can also attend monthly training sessions on topics like ‘Product Pricing & Profitability for Amazon’, ‘Intro to Amazon Sponsored Products Ads’, and ‘Optimizing Amazon Product Reviews’. 


Is the Knowledge Base for beginners or experts?

If you’ve been operating an Amazon account for a couple of years or more, chances are you’ll be familiar with a lot of the tools, programs, and processes that we cover in the Knowledge Base, as well as the monthly training sessions. 

The content and experience of our Full Access membership is designed to allow someone without any prior Amazon experience to be able to follow along. We think that our Knowledge Base in particular  is also helpful for brands developing their own internal ecommerce team, since they are able to leverage the Marketplace Institute as their training platform and on-call support team. With a playbook of proven systems, and fast access to Amazon experts, this program is designed to help you make fast progress with your company’s Amazon channel.  

But advanced Amazon professionals also know that there is seemingly a new rule, process, or program from Amazon every week. Amazon best practices also change frequently. This constant change is what we cover in our Weekly News DIgests and Office Hours conference calls, which are available both to Full Access members and Professional (subscriber) members.


What’s stopping me from just copying all the content in the Knowledge Base?

You could try, but it would be very cumbersome as we’ve disabled the ability to copy & paste on the site. 

More importantly, we consider it our job to continually updating and adding content that helps you become your company’s own Amazon guru. Because Amazon’s policies, best practices, and programs are constantly changing, copying our content and saving it elsewhere will only help you for a short period of time. 

Finally, all content from The Marketplace Institute is protected under copyright law and per the terms of service that you accept when joining, the content may not be reproduced. Any unauthorized use of our content is illegal.

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Knowledge Base List of Topics

  • Advertising
  • Brand Protection
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Optimization
  • Strategy
  • Live Streams

Browse and Search

Browse the Knowledge Base topics to find useful information. You may find processes that you didn't even know that existed!

You can also search for a specific content for a quick find. 

Checklists and Guides

Knowledge Base includes many checklists such as Seller and Vendor Daily, Weekly, Monthly Review, PPC and AMS Reviews and many more. 

Follow the guided processes for step-by-step instructions with various operational and strategic procedures. 

What People Say About Us

Googling for answers to my Amazon questions is a big time suck. There are so many different answers and I don't know which information is up to date or trustworthy. But the Knowledge Base saves me a ton of time with its search function and the security of knowing all the information is up-to-date and from a credible source. I also like being able to suggest new topics.

Ash Wilson

Business Manager at Makely

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